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Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived a sweet little country girl. Her mother loved her very much and her grandmother looked forward to her visits more than anything. The girl always wore a red riding hood that suited her so extremely well that everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood.

One day her mother had finished baking in the kitchen and said to her daughter, "I hear that your grandmother has been very ill. I'm too busy today so I want you to go and see how she is doing. Bring with you this basket of freshly baked muffins and some chocolates."

Little Red Riding Hood set out immediately to go to her grandmother, whom lived in another village. As she was skipping through the woods she crossed paths with a wolf and he was quite prepared to make a meal out of her. Fortunately for the girl there were some woodcutters working nearby in the forest so, he decided that now was not the time. He asked her where she was going. The poor child, whom did not know that it was dangerous to stay and talk to a wolf, said to him, "Hello, there. I'm bringing this basket of muffins and these chocolates to my sick grandmother."

"Does she live very far?" asked the wolf.

"Oh," answered Little Red Riding Hood, "not very far at all. She lives just beyond that hill that you see there, in the first house at the edge of the village."

"Well," said the wolf with his fingers crossed, "I sure hope that you and your grandmother have a wonderful day." And he disappeared in to the woods.

The girl returned to skipping through the woods and whistling a merry tune. She took her time and entertained herself along the way by sniffing flowers and chasing butterflies.

Meanwhile, the wolf had a horrible plan and had arrived at the old woman's house long before the little girl. He knocked at the door: "tap, tap".

"Who's there?" asked a shaky old voice.

"It is your wonderful grandchild, Little Red Riding Hood," replied the wolf, counterfeiting her voice, "here to bring you a basket of muffins and some chocolates!"

The grandmother, whom was too sick to leave her bed that day, cried out, "Oh, those are my favorite! Pull the bobbin and the latch will go up."

The wolf pulled the bobbin and the door opened. It had been three days since he had eaten and, before the old lady noticed who was entering her house, the wolf has already devoured her whole! He then shut the door, turned out the lights and slipped in to the old lady's bed.

Little Red Riding Hood came some time afterwards and knocked at the door: "tap, tap".

"Who's there?" asked the wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood, hearing the booming voice of the wolf, was at first afraid. She reminded herself that her grandmother just had a cold. She answered, "It is your grandchild, Little Red Riding Hood, and I have brought you a basket of muffins and some chocolates!"

The wolf cried out to her, softening his voice as much as he could, "Oh, you are my -- I mean, those are my favorite! Pull the bobbin and the latch will go up."

Little Red Riding Hood hesitated at first but, she pulled the bobbin and the door opened.

The wolf, seeing her come in, hid himself under the blankets and said, "Leave the chocolates upon the stool, Deary, and climb in to bed with me with your basket of muffins."

Little Red Riding Hood removed her hood and crawled into bed. Within seconds, the wolf ate all of the muffins up. The girl was shocked to see that her grandmother had such a big appetite. She then began to point out other things that seemed strange to her, and said, "Grandmother, what big arms you have!"

"All the better to hug you with, my dear."

"Grandmother, what big ears you have!"

"All the better to hear you with, my child."

"Grandmother, what big eyes you have!"

"All the better to see you with, my love."

"Grandmother, what big teeth you have!"

"All the better to eat you up with!"

And with that, the wicked wolf devoured Little Red Riding Hood in a single bite. Before leaving the house he decided to try some of the chocolates. He had never tasted anything quite so delicious before and he ate those up in a hurry, too.

The wolf left the house and as he was walking through the woods, his belly began to hurt. Little did he know, he was allergic to the chocolates that he just ate. Before long, his entire lunch came back up, including Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. Still, both were in one piece!

The two escaped together and the wicked wolf was never heard from again.

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