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The Lion and the Mouse

A sleeping lion was awakened by a tiny mouse scurrying across his face. Rising up angrily, the lion placed his large paw upon him and was about to kill him.

"Pardon, O' Lion," cried the little mouse. "Please do not kill me! Forgive me this time and I shall never forget it! Who knows but, I may be able to repay my gratitude one of these days..." The lion was so tickled at the idea of the mouse being able to help him that he lifted up his paw and let him go.

Sometime after the lion was caught by some hunters, who bound him by ropes to the ground. Leaving him helpless, they went in search of a wagon to carry him on to deliver him to their King. The lion struggled to break free but he could not. Just as he was about to lose hope, he noticed what appeared to be a mouse poking his nose out of a nearby bush. "Oh Little Mouse!" cried the lion. "Won't you return the favor and please help me?" Seeing the sad plight in which lion was in, he went up and gnawed away the ropes to set him free.

"Was I not right?" said the mouse. The lion lifted him up with his paw so they were at eye level. "I am happy that I didn't kill you, Little Mouse," said the lion. "Despite your small size, you proved to be very courageous. Thank you."

Now great friends, the lion let the mouse rest on his face and they disappeared in to the horizon.

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