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The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who needed a place to live. They could not come to an agreement on how their house should be built so, side by side they each began building a house of their own.

The first little pig could not wait to be finished and built his house out of straw. Within one day he was finished and was free to play.

The second little pig went in search of wood for his house. It took him two days to construct it and then he was free to play, too.

The third little pig knew that he could do better and said, "Building a house that is strong enough takes time, patience and hard work!"

The days went by and the third little pig's house took shape. His brothers would check in every so often and asked, "Why don't you stop working and come out to play?"

"I won't come play until my house is solid and sturdy," he said, "which is why I am building my house out of brick."

Later that night, along came a wolf and he stepped up to the door of the first little pig's straw house.

"Come out little pig!" ordered the wolf, his mouth watering. "I want to speak to you!"

"Not by the hair on my chin-y chin chin!" replied the little pig in a tiny voice.

"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!" growled the wolf angrily. Puffing out his chest he took in a very deep breath and then began to blow with all his might. All of the straw blew away effortlessly. The first little pig, terrified of the wolf, scurried away to escape in to his second brother's wood house.

"Open up, little pigs, or else!" yelled the wolf.

"Not by the hair on our chin-y chin chin!" squealed the two little pigs.

"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!"

The wolf began to blow so hard that the wood house collapsed like a pack of cards. The two little pigs managed to escape just in time in to their third brother's brick house. The wolf wasted no time and proceeded to blow on that house, too. He would huff and puff again and again, but the sturdy brick house did not budge. Quite exhausted by his efforts, the wolf decided to climb up on to the roof of the house and enter through the chimney.

"Quick! Light a fire!" said the third and wisest little pig, tossing his brother a match.

The wolf dropped down the chimney and scorched his tail after landing in a blazing fire. "AIIIIIIIIIIII!" he squealed, as he tried to put out the flames on his tail. The wolf ran away as fast as he could and the three happy little pigs danced round and round the yard.

In less than no time, up went the two new brick houses and the pigs always kept a match handy in case they needed to light another fire.

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